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Welcome to the Army's home – U.S. Army Installation Management Command. IMCOM is an integral part of the Army's readiness team. Our installations are platforms for resilience to support senior commanders and their warfighters in accomplishing the mission. We sustain installations that enable strong Soldiers and resilient Families for a mission-ready army. Globally, we leverage partnerships to offer the best possible living space, child care, dining, services, and entertainment and recreation facilities. We achieve mission excellence through streamlining processes, building strategic partnerships, and exercising good stewardship of resources. We deliver programs, services and activities that offer Soldiers, Families, and Civilians opportunities to enrich their lives both culturally and creatively to help relieve stress, build strength and resilience to help the Army Family stay strong. IMCOM programs and services are the foundation for the Army Family both on and off the installation.

IMCOM's workforce is inspired to go the extra mile to provide world-class customer service. IMCOM is building a vibrant workplace culture that rewards creative, innovative and efficient solutions – weaving sustainable practices throughout to better meet the demands of tomorrow. We manage 75 installations worldwide in 17 different time zones and we uphold the Army's Commitment to the Army Family. Our employees are the masters of the art and science of Installation Management.

IMCOM handles the day-to-day operations of U.S. Army installations around the globe – We are the Army's Home. Army installations are communities that provide many of the same types of services expected from any small city. Fire, police, housing, and childcare are just some of the things IMCOM does in Army communities every day.

MISSION: To deliver and integrate base support to enable readiness for a selfreliant and globally-responsive all volunteer Army.

VISION: Innovative professionals committed to effectively delivering extraordinary services and facilities for our premier Army.

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